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The Benefits of Functional Medicine

The Benefits of Functional Medicine

Medicine has made many advancements over the decades, benefitting millions of people. However, traditional modern medicine tends to focus too much on treating the disease or its symptoms, forgetting the most important part of health and wellness: you.

Functional medicine takes a more holistic approach to health, wellness, and disease. Instead of just treating symptoms, functional medicine providers want to find the root cause of your symptoms. Then, they work with you to address that cause, which not only eases symptoms, but also improves overall health.

At Weston Medical Health & Wellness, Diego Rutenberg, LAc, is our functional medicine provider. He works closely with our medical director, Dr. Andrea Bretal, to make sure our patients get the comprehensive care and support they need to take control of their health.

In this blog post, we want to talk about the benefits of functional medicine.

It is personalized medicine

You’re unique from head to toe. Many of the medications used to treat diseases are one-size-fits-all medicines. But researchers are learning that not everyone responds to medications in the same way, mostly because of each person’s unique genetic profile

Functional medicine understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to your health. We take a more personalized approach to medicine. 

Before making any recommendations, our functional medicine provider spends time talking to you, gathering as much information as possible about your health and family history, lifestyle, and wellness goals. We also conduct comprehensive lab testing to better understand your unique genetic profile and biochemistry.

These details give us a better picture of your health so we can create a personalized health plan for you. 

The focus is on health

Instead of focusing on treating your symptoms or disease, functional medicine focuses on restoring health. We use all the information we gather from your interview and lab tests to find the underlying cause of your symptoms or condition.

We then create a treatment plan that focuses on addressing the root cause, which ultimately leads to better health. And, instead of prescribing medications, our treatments focus on lifestyle, including nutrition, exercise, and stress management.

It’s collaborative and supportive

Your wellness depends on your active participation. With functional medicine, you can expect more than just a list of recommendations on a piece of paper. Our functional medicine provider collaborates with you, guiding and supporting you while you make lifestyle changes that address the root cause of your symptoms or disease. 

Functional medicine uses your lab data to track the effectiveness of your plan, which also gives you positive reinforcement that what you’re (we’re) doing is working. Or, if not, we try to find out why and work on a new plan. 

Are you ready to take a more proactive role in managing your health and wellness? We can provide the support and tools you need. Call our office in Weston, Florida, or click the online booking button to request an appointment with our functional medicine provider today. 

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