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Pre And Post Bariatric Surgery Specialist

Weston Medical Health & Wellness

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If you struggle with obesity, bariatric surgery can help you achieve your weight loss goals. At Weston Medical Health & Wellness in Weston, Florida, Andrea Bretal, MD, provides comprehensive pre- and post-bariatric care. Dr. Bretal is a board-certified physician who specializes in obesity medicine and has the expertise you need to achieve long-term weight loss. Her holistic care plans help you lose weight and keep it off. Call the office today or request an appointment online.

Pre and Post Bariatric Surgery Q&A

What is bariatric surgery?

If you've had trouble losing weight with other methods, your medical team may suggest bariatric surgery. This procedure can restrict the amount of food your stomach can hold. Over time, you may be able to eat less and finally shed stubborn weight. 


Many bariatric procedures are available. Your surgeon can provide more details about which techniques he or she plans to use. But no matter what procedure you choose, you need expert follow-up care.

What care do I need before my surgery?

At Weston Medical Health & Wellness, Dr. Bretal offers comprehensive care. Dr. Bretal provides expert medical care both before and after your bariatric surgery.


Prior to surgery, she helps her patients explore all their options for weight loss, including:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Medication to decrease appetite
  • Weekly follow-up appointments
  • Nutritional supplements


Dr. Bretal knows that living with obesity can be confusing and painful, and first, identifies factors that contribute to your weight issues. Then, she helps you adjust your lifestyle, habits, behaviors, and thought processes.


For some insurances to approve the surgery, you may need to be in a supervised medical weight loss program for at least six months.


If you decide to pursue bariatric surgery, Dr. Bretal continues to provide support after your procedure. She delivers the follow-up care you need to keep the weight off.

How can I manage my weight after surgery?

Bariatric surgery helps many people achieve their weight loss goals. After your surgery, however, you'll need to make significant changes to your lifestyle. 


People who receive bariatric surgery must alter their diet and eating habits. The recovery process can also be a challenge for some. 


After your surgery, you may experience unexpected hormonal changes. She monitors your health and checks for complications or nutritional deficiencies. Dr. Bretal also helps you change your eating patterns and behaviors. These lifestyle changes help ensure that your surgery is a success. 

What other services are available?

Some patients may regain some of the weight after their bariatric surgery. If this has happened to you, Dr. Bretal can help. She provides one-on-one support to identify what's causing your weight gain. She works with you to explore all your treatment options. 


Weston Medical Health & Wellness offers several follow-up treatments, including body contouring with Lipo Plus. After bariatric surgery, you may still have some stubborn trouble spots. Lipo Plus helps you get rid of pockets of excess fat. These injections contain a unique combination of amino acids and B vitamins to support your overall health. 


Considering bariatric surgery? Let Dr. Bretal provide the holistic care you need. Call the office today, or request an appointment online.