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Reiki Therapy Specialist

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Reiki helps thousands of men and women get in touch with their bodies. At Weston Medical Health & Wellness in Weston, Florida, Andrea Bretal, MD, recommends Reiki to many patients struggling with obesity. Reiki users often report less pain, lower levels of stress, and improved wellbeing. Reiki can also boost your physical health and ease emotional problems linked to weight gain. If you struggle with your weight, Dr. Bretal can help you explore your treatment options. Call the office today or request an appointment online.

Reiki Therapy Q&A

What is Reiki therapy?

Reiki therapy is provided by Liliana Gonzalez. For more information on Liliana's services, check out her website

Reiki is a method of reducing stress and boosting energy levels. Reiki practitioners believe that all living creatures have unseen energy. By manipulating this energy, practitioners can help their clients achieve many health benefits.


This technique, which originated in Japan, focuses on hands-on healing. During a Reiki session, practitioners induce a state of relaxation and encourage your body to heal itself.

What are the health benefits of Reiki therapy?

Reiki therapy doesn't require any surgery or medication. Instead, Reiki works with your body's natural processes. There are no known risks to Reiki, so it's ideal for people who can't take prescription medications or undergo surgery. 


Many people who receive Reiki therapy report lower levels of pain, anxiety, and distress. Reiki may also reduce the side effects of other medical treatments. Some clients also find that Reiki helps them manage their weight. 


At Weston Medical Health & Wellness, Dr. Bretal often recommends Reiki to her patients. Many people who are overweight have trouble recognizing hunger and satiation cues. Reiki therapy helps you get in touch with your body and respond to your body's signals. 

What happens during Reiki therapy?

If Dr. Bretal thinks you may benefit from Reiki, she can refer you to a trained practitioner. Your Reiki practitioner offers a personalized consultation. 


Your practitioner first asks about your medical history and emotional state. This information helps your practitioner develop a customized Reiki plan.During your consultation, you also receive more information about Reiki therapy. Your practitioner explains what you can expect from treatment.


Most Reiki sessions take place in a quiet, private room. During your session, you recline on a padded chair or massage table. There is no need to remove your clothing. 


Your practitioner then applies light pressure to your body. In some cases, your practitioner may hold their hands slightly above your body. You can let your practitioner know if you prefer to avoid direct contact. Each Reiki session can be tailored to meet your preferences.

What results can I expect?

After Reiki, most clients feel relaxed yet alert. Many report an immediate improvement of their pain, anxiety, or fatigue. You may feel more positive about your body and more in touch with your body's natural cues.


At Weston Medical Health & Wellness, Dr. Bretal uses a variety of treatments to provide holistic care. Your treatment plan provides science-based care and also addresses emotional concerns that may contribute to your weight problems. 


Need help managing your weight? Dr. Bretal can help. Call the office today or request an appointment online.