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The Benefits of Reiki Therapy

When in the midst of challenging situations, like work deadlines, relationship problems, health issues, or a global pandemic, the things you do to keep yourself healthy are usually the first to go. 

But taking care of yourself first may help you get through these challenging situations without sacrificing your health. 

At Weston Medical Health & Wellness, your health is our priority. We offer many treatments and therapies that empower you to take charge of your health, including Reiki therapy

Our medical director, Dr. Andrea Bretal, recommends Reiki therapy as a complementary treatment for many health issues, including obesity, diabetes, and pain conditions. 

Our Reiki master, Dr. Liliana Gomez, wants to share some of the health benefits of Reiki therapy. 

Reiki: Ancient touch therapy

In ancient Chinese and Japanese medicine, health and wellness is dependent on your body’s flow of energy, also called life force. An imbalance or disruption in the flow of energy results in illness or disease.

Reiki is the Japanese term for “Universal Life Force Energy,” according to the Cleveland Clinic. Reiki therapy is a type of energy healing. During therapy, our Reiki master uses gentle hand movements and light pressure at specific points on your body to improve the flow of your life force. 

By improving the flow of energy, Reiki therapy aims to support your body’s natural healing process. 

The benefits of Reiki therapy

Reiki therapy benefits your emotional and physical well-being. We often include Reiki therapy along with traditional medical treatments to improve your general sense of well-being. 

One of the major benefits of Reiki therapy is that it helps you achieve a state of relaxation. When you feel relaxed, your stress levels fall. Too much stress is harmful to your health and disrupts sleep, digestion, and immune health. It may also affect your weight and hinder your weight-loss efforts.

We specialize in weight loss and may suggest Reiki therapy to those following our Weston digital diet who’ve hit a plateau or can’t seem to drop those last few pounds. Our clients also find that Reiki therapy helps them maintain their wellness when they reach a healthy weight. 

Though you may feel more relaxed after your Reiki therapy, you also get a boost of energy. When you feel more energetic, you may be more likely to hit the gym or go for a walk. 

Reiki therapy also improves sleep and mood and may reduce pain. The complementary therapy causes no harm and is safe for all types of health needs and conditions. 

The Reiki therapy experience

Now that you know about the benefits of Reiki therapy, you may wonder what to expect. As noted, our Reiki master performs your therapy at the office. After your initial consultation, she creates your personal Reiki therapy plan that fits your health needs and goals.

We perform your Reiki therapy in one of our quiet, private rooms. During your therapy, you relax in a reclining chair or massage table. Our Reiki master then gently moves her hands over your body, applying pressure at various points to restore energy flow and balance. 

You remain clothed during your session, which may take up to 90 minutes. Our Reiki master also teaches you how to perform Reiki at home so you can maintain your sense of peace and well-being.

Reiki therapy makes a great addition to your health and wellness plan. To schedule your consultation, call our office in Weston, Florida, or request an appointment online today.

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