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Tips for Maintaining Your Weight Loss Results After Bariatric Surgery

Keeping the weight off after your bariatric surgery, which reduced your stomach or adjusted the small intestine to take in fewer calories, can be a challenge. Medical Director Dr. Andrea Bretal, and her compassionate team, can help you stay on track before and after your surgery at Weston Medical Health & Wellness in Weston, Florida.

Adjust your eating habits to keep body and soul in balance

Weight gain can be triggered by a variety of issues, including hormone imbalances, eating disorders, and emotional eating. Dr. Bretal can help you balance your body’s cravings with guilt-free treats, low in fat and sugar, to maintain your weight loss. She can also recommend certain vitamins and supplements, such as products to assist digestion, support optimal blood sugar and insulin levels, add fiber to help control your appetite, and boost your immune system.

Following bariatric surgery, you need to remain on a healthier path. Dr. Bretal consults you on your pre- and post-surgical eating plan, which initially includes liquids, then pureed foods. As you return to eating regular foods, she can guide you toward healthier eating to maintain your goals, such as:

Deal with food addiction

Nearly 30% of adults across the globe suffer from overweight and obesity, which puts them at higher risk for a variety of diseases, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even certain cancers. Bariatric surgery can be of great help to many. However, it is only the tip of the iceberg. The real work, facing underlying psychological or physical barriers to long-term weight loss, remains.

If you suspect you suffer from an eating disorder, Dr. Bretal can help you overcome such behavioral issues as:

Make the right food choices

Certain foods nourish the body, while others only feed an empty spot in your soul. Dr. Bretal and her team can help you replace empty calories with healthy foods that make you feel good inside and out.

Sugary sodas, milkshakes, and other high-carb or highly refined foods offer no real nutritional value. In fact, they can lead to weight gain and poor health. Avoid trans fats, and keep saturated fats, such as those found in red meat, whole butter and cheese, to 10% of your daily calories. 

Choose healthier unsaturated fats, including olive oil, avocados, and most types of nuts and seeds. Just don’t overdo it. Monitor your sodium intake, as well, which can make you store excess water and increase blood pressure and inflammation. Dr. Bretal can create a healthy eating plan to fit your post-surgical lifestyle and goals.

How sweet it isn’t

Sugar remains a major culprit in weight gain. It activates our dopamine receptors, causing a sugar high that further increases our cravings. It also promotes inflammation that can cause poor health. You must become a bit of a watchdog to alleviate added sugar from your diet. 

So many foods, from ketchup to salad dressings, even supposedly healthy products, such as granola and yogurt, contain added sugars. Blend your own smoothies from fresh or frozen fruit and/or vegetables and buy yogurt without any added sugar.

Beware of added sugars, labeled as: 

Your path to wellness starts here 

A diplomat of the American Board of Obesity, Dr. Bretal lends her expertise and personal experience with weight loss to guide you on your journey toward better health. She can help you manage your diet and lifestyle changes, and even suggest certain supplements and body contouring aesthetic treatments to further help you trim down. 

Simply give us a call or book an appointment online with Dr. Bretal at Weston Medical Health & Wellness today. 

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