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Nutritional Deficiencies and the Relationship to Weight Gain

There’s a dangerous myth circulating in the fitness world: All that matters is the number of calories you ingest daily. 

Although many people benefit from reducing calories, ignoring the importance of getting enough vitamins and minerals may lead to a slower metabolism and an overall lower quality of life. 

What you eat impacts the functioning of every cell in your body. Research shows that something as small as omega 3 fatty acids significantly impacts your body at a cellular level.

The molecules found in the food you eat change the way your cells communicate with each other. 

Omega 3, for example, is capable of attaching itself to a protein on your cellular walls and creating a chain reaction that reduces inflammation in the body and makes you more sensitive to insulin. Insulin plays a central role in weight gain, as the more insulin sensitive you are, the smaller your chances of packing on the extra pounds. 

As advocates of prevention, our team at Weston Medical Health & Wellness wants you to be aware of how nutritional deficiencies may hinder your weight loss efforts. 

Vitamin B12 

Vitamin B12 is a true multitasker. It helps you create red blood cells and DNA, and it maintains proper brain functioning. 

If you’ve been feeling lethargic no matter how many hours you sleep, it could be a sign of vitamin B12 deficiency. Having low energy levels means burning fewer calories, and feeling weak and depleted reduces your chances of following a fitness routine.

So who’s at risk for developing a vitamin B12 deficiency? Vitamin B12 is found in animal-based foods, so if you’re following a vegan diet, you may need to opt for fortified foods and supplements. 

Some medications and autoimmune disorders can disrupt your ability to absorb vitamin B12.

Vitamin D

Researchers don’t fully understand the link between weight gain and vitamin D deficiency, but vitamin D deficiency is commonly found in overweight and obese individuals. 

Vitamin D deficiency is a global threat to public health. Estimates suggest that 1 billion people worldwide are deficient in the sun-loving vitamin. You can increase your vitamin D levels by exposing yourself to the sun, eating fatty fish, or supplementing.


Iodine is an essential mineral for optimal thyroid function. With the existence of iodized salt, it may seem like iodine deficiency has been completely eradicated, but research suggests that only 10% of the iodine found in iodized salt is absorbed by the body. This occurs because the chlorine in salt prevents iodine from getting absorbed. 

When your body doesn’t have enough iodine, your thyroid gland can’t produce enough hormones. As a result, your body burns fewer calories at rest. 

To prevent iodine deficiencies, include seafood, yogurt, eggs, and tuna in your diet. 

Fight weight gain and deficiencies with a personalized meal plan 

Weight loss advice is often confusing. There are many different dietary fads constantly being pushed as the ultimate solution for weight loss, and there’s a lot of background noise.

At Weston Medical Health & Wellness, we put together delicious and satiating meal plans that address potential deficiencies. Contact us to schedule an appointment to get expert advice regarding your weight loss journey.

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